(un)conventional wisdom: Fraser Doherty

We’re all about doing things a little differently, so Wisdom London brings you weekly wisdom from unconventional sources – this week, Fraser Doherty, founder of Superjam.

Fraser founded Superjam as a teenager and has gone on to enjoy huge success with his fabulous product. Take it away, Fraser:

“Hopefully my story is one that shows that something that starts in a kitchen, bedroom or garage can grow into a life-changing adventure that challenges the status quo in an established industry and ends up supplying massive organisations, like Waitrose and Wal-Mart.  I’d urge anyone excited by the idea of starting a business to never be afraid of giving their ideas a shot.  Start small, try hard and take advice from people who’ve done it before.”

See more here: http://www.superjam.co.uk/blog.html

With thanks to Fraser Doherty.


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