Friday afternoon musings: Great brand names

Was thinking about brand names as I shuffled down Oxford Street just now and there are some that are simply genius.  For example:

Dave: A brave move – TV channel named after the bloke in the pub you play darts with (or, indeed, my dad) that is “the home of witty banter”. And it is.  Dave delivers.  More please.  I’d like to see: Sophie (“the home of food porn in a totally vintage way”) and Bob (“the home of DIY and telling it like it is”).

American Apparel: There’s a certain pride inspired by the slightly formal phrasing, and evokes US cool into the bargain.  Plus, a bit of well-judged alliteration is pleasing.

Wagamama: Who gives a monkey’s what it means, at least we can say it, and it rolls off the tongue too.  Brilliant that it’s now part of our urban lexicon and we can even give it a pet name too “lunch at Wags”

And hats off to my personal faves: The Duke of Uke (which does indeed sell ukuleles) and the crepe van on Earlham Street called “Full of Crepe”.  Priceless.

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