Wisdom London’s World Cup Triumph

London, Monday 24 May: Football fever reached the glitterati today, as Wisdom London unveiled their 2010 World Cup Planner in good, old-fashioned poster format.  In a shock move, newly-transferred Wisdom London designer Ellie Gibson cast aside her Mac and reached for her art pens, bringing hand-drawn love to this modern masterpiece.


As Wisdom-lovers across the country dug out their blu-tac and proudly displayed their World Cup Planner on their office walls, it was clear that football is indeed coming home.  The sound of referee whistles and gasps of admiration were audible up to the length of a football pitch away.

Beautiful game

Wisdom London manager Kate Spiers told our reporters of the story behind this triumph of football-related artistry. “We knew we had to play a good game this season” she admitted. “We thought a lot about strategy, formation and performance – and it’s paid off.  The team did a great job.  Their commitment was amazing.  This really is the beautiful game”.


And as fifty lucky footie fans reach for their marker pens in anticipation of that first kick-off, it is clear that this young, creative squad has the dedication and imagination to go far.


“We won’t stop here,” vowed Spiers last night. “We have plenty more moves up our sleeves and we won’t take our eye off the ball.”

Want one? Email kate@wisdomlondon.com and we’ll email you a copy!

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