‘I want doesn’t get’ – or does it? What I want from online retailers

We’re all pretty demanding consumers these days aren’t we? Hardly surprising: we have masses of choice, more product knowledge than ever before and a whole panel of reviewers at our fingertips through social media. And now I want more. I am well aware that brands need to compete harder than ever, and the traditional price / choice / channels options are no longer the only ones.  I want service. I want my life to be easier.  I want products and services that are totally personal to my needs.

So without any further ado, and to get this Verucca Salt-style moment over and done with, here is what I want [stamps feet]:

Ocado: Love your service, love your iPhone app, love your products.  Know what would make my life easier? A mealplanner function in my account so that I can plan a week’s meals at the same time as my shopping.  Favourites, suggestions and a drag and drop functionality would do the job nicely. Ta.

My-wardrobe.com: Loving you deeply. But since you store all my account info and past purchases, and since it is supposed to be ‘my’ wardrobe, can’t you use this info to create a virtual wardrobe which contains my past purchases? And tell me what you think would go well from new collections? Because I rarely shop online in front of an open actual wardrobe.  Thanking you.

Moonpig.com: You’re ace and you know you are.  But I am not.  I am lazy and forgetful.  Now, you know how you remind me that it’s people’s birthdays?  What about if I agree to enter some profile info on my nearest and dearest, you store it, and then next time you send a reminder you and also suggest some automatically generated personalised designs, based on what I’ve told you about these people?  I guarantee I would click and buy there and then.  Do we have a deal?

What are your fantasy service functions from favourite brands? Share them…we may have the makings of a campaign for personalised service functionality!

Kate Spiers is director of Wisdom London.  As you may gather, she shops online a fair bit and is an utter service freak.


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