The Story of Wisdom

We have been asked plenty of times why Wisdom London is called Wisdom London.  Good question.  So here’s the story…

I was scooting home one day in December 2009 when a careless minicab driver drove into me.  All very dramatic – ambulances, police  and A&E, but fortunately nothing broken. That was my epiphany moment – I was going to do what I loved doing: communicate.

So the idea for a communications consultancy was born but I needed a name.  I started to write down the words that meant most to me, and Wisdom was the first one. I thought about what Wisdom meant to me and to my fledgling business.  It was this:

  • In business, we are all selling wisdom.  Whether it’s the know-how to do something, the insight to solve problems or the foresight to see what will be big…it’s all some form of wisdom
  • Wisdom London is about helping businesses tap into, harness and share their individual and collective wisdom through brilliantly thought-out marketing communications
  • Wisdom is an amazingly powerful asset and businesses often don’t recognise it in themselves, or are somehow unwilling to use it
  • Everyone’s wisdom is different...and therein lies the beauty of it. It’s all relevant
  • Wisdom London is passionate about connecting with people through communications, and often wisdom is the gift that we offer to make that connection – from tweets to sharing ideas over coffee to advice
  • Hence, wisdom is – to me – the best of thinking: being wise, thoughtful, well-judged, analytical, pragmatic and honest

Wisdom wouldn’t go away – it was absolutely my first and instinctive choice, and I loved it more when Drew Creative Branding helped bring it to life through their beautiful brand treatments. The ‘London’ bit was partially practical (trademark reasons) and partially emotional (the city about which I am beyond passionate).

I still have that scribbled page in my battered Moleskine notebook.  I never fail to smile when I look at it.  And I do, especially when I need to make a big decision – instincts are rarely wrong.

Kate Spiers is the proud founder and CEO of Wisdom London, a creative communications consultancy.  She is more in love with wisdom now than ever.

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One Response to “The Story of Wisdom”

  1. Viv Woodland Says:

    Nice one lady! You never fail to make me proud.
    Ma xx

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