How To Get Twitter-Fitter

Following our post yesterday on the Balanced Twitter Diet, we were inspired to supplement it with a quick plan to help you get Twitter-fitter!

Here’s what we think will give you the equivalent of a Twitter six-pack over time:

15 minutes per day: Cardio

Actively and energetically engage on Twitter (don’t forget your balanced diet of RTs, comment and conversation!) until mildly out of breath.  If you feel like you can do a little more each day, go ahead, but don’t burn out… Rest-days are recommended.

30  minutes per week: Weights

Let’s build up some endurance: Review Twitter stats for your feed and identify where you can improve, aiming to add a little more weight each week. Proactively seek out relevant content to share, questions to ask and seek inspiration. Maybe join a Twitter chat, to add some variety to your regime and work on all of your Twitter muscle groups.

30 minutes every 2 weeks: Stretch ‘n’ tone

Streamline and stretch a little bit further at least every 2 weeks. Check who’s following you, follow back where appropriate, explore who else your followers follow and get inspiration for new people to connect with, cull follows who annoy/don’t engage/are irrelevant.

15 minutes per week: Cool down

Be sure to end your Twitter week properly with a #followfriday list of tweeps you think your followers would like. Don’t skip it!

Kate Spiers is founder of Wisdom London and feels a strange affinity with Sue Sylvester at times like these.

3 Responses to “How To Get Twitter-Fitter”

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  2. Brilliant! I’ll get my lycra and trainers on…

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