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Ever Wondered About….Audioboo?

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What is it?

Where sound gets social. Why should video and written content have all the fun? Record, upload and share audio for free via mobile and fixed internet.

Tag and post your boo for all to see or only certain peeps.  Pay to create and customise streams with an impressive array of options: assign privileges to one person or a whole community.

As you would expect, photos, tags and location feature.  Check out the BooMap, a kind of heat map of boos.  This is an exciting place to be.

Why should I care?

Another game-changer?  Well, it could be.  The fortunes of voice data have not been exactly glittering over the past few years in the mobile sphere, but Audioboo plays to our current obsession with reporting and curating content rather brilliantly, and brings sound back to…well if not the forefront of social engagement, then a prominent position.

So beyond some interesting audio snippets, what’s the big deal?  Well, imagine this (with a little help from the Audioboo folks):

“A radio station can create a ‘phone in’ stream, whereby anyone can upload audio to a stream, which the admin can moderate, publish the best ones on their social networks and download the mp3′s directly for use on their show.

A family can share audio only between themselves…

A corporation can publish audio direct to their staff or named individuals…

Two people can have a private chat. Maybe about steam trains or noodles…”

There are some definite possibilities out there.  Our view? Internal communications for corporations, instruction guides for consumer products, as a social inclusion tool (where language and literacy is a barrier)…and it could be a genius and game-shifting move in entertainment too (snacksized soundbites).

Also one to watch due to the sheer passion of the Audioboo team.  This is a labour of love and is growing before our eyes, organically, technologically and exponentially.  Used mainly by the very tech- and social-savvy, it still feels like early days…but influential early adopters will surely change all that.

There are around 200 000 registered users right now, and over 30 000 listens a day. Equivalent to a successful medium-sized radio station.

Anything else I should know?

Audioboo is British born-and-bred. Used around the world. UK, Germany and US use is high, with Ireland also catching on fast. Even British forces in Kabul have been known to use it.

Loved by Stephen Fry, Robert Scoble and the mighty @documentally, among others. Stephen Fry’s boos get around 60 listens per second in the first hour of posting.

David Miliband is currently using Audioboo as a feedback and discussion tool in his Labour leadership quest.

More on the 2 types of paid accounts:

Plus is a basic subscription service similiar to Flicker Pro, costing £50/year. Unlimited recording length, queuing of uploads if you haven’t got 3G (upload later), ability to have 3 concurrent Streams, private messages and probably more once it’s invented.

Pro is a media solutions offering, starting at £3k/year for server-side stuff like moderation of boos from an audience (see enclosed pic), pre & post roll audio (stings/ads), loads of Streams and ‘stuff’.  Already used by British Library, Open University and Royal Opera House.

Use Audioboo?  What do you think?  Tell us….

Ever Wondered About is a new series on the Wisdom London blog, where Kate Spiers and Jill Ruthenberg aim to demystify and explore what’s shaping our social interactions.  Coming up: Ning, Klout and PPC.  Wondering about anything else?  Tell us and we’ll investigate!

Have you Ever Wondered About….Groupon? Click to wonder no more.


Guesting again: #SoCol and Reaping the Social Harvest

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I was really pleased to be asked to guest on the Social Collective Blog, ahead of their September event in London.

Inspired by the time of year, I wanted to explore how we can reap the benefits of Social Media now, rather than waiting for a future objective to be realised.  And here it is: Reaping the Social Harvest

Guesting on Cow Bell: The Digital Footprint Audit

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We were very proud this week to guest post on the always-brilliant Cow Bell blog. Subject: Your Digital Footprint.  Not a bad read, though we say so ourselves:

Take a look!

Experiments in Social Media Number 1: How to Win Friends

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Let me set the scene for you. It’s day 1. I’m the new kid on the block. I’ve just started at Wisdom London as Communications Specialist; brand strategist; social media expert – and my shiny new Twitter profile is as uninspiring as those Rich Tea Digestives you guys love so much… Not a good look.

I needed to make friends. Fast.

And so Experiments in Social Media, number one was born: How to Win Friends.

The Challenge: 100 followers in 120 hours.

The Method:

In the name of science I relied purely on the use of social media, namely Twitter, where word of mouth and engagement are king.

The Process (in order of effectiveness):

  1. Put it out there: Strewth! Things got hectic from the get-go with the help of @wisdomlondon and @Chris_Hall1, who staged a mini campaign amongst their friends to encourage them to follow the new kid. Oh, the power of word of mouth.
  2. Participate, connect: In the evening I was invited along to social media web chat Comms Chat, a weekly Twitter chat looks at all aspects relating to communications. My first experience was loads of fun and insightful. It’s hub of like-minded tweeps and social media experts. Needless to say, details were exchanged, friendships were made, followings happened.
  3. Engage: Throughout the day I found my friends, and then asked them who I should be following. I also had a look at some of my favourite brands, gurus, celebs and some other fun stuff, and who they were following. Of course, I introduced myself and said hi, but I also:
  • Initiated conversation, asked questions, shared interesting links, and chatted with my new friends
  • Shared a few Follow Fridays: where you prepare a list of suggested Twitterers to follow.
  • Started a rumour about a small prize to my 100th follower (and delivered!)
  • The result: Success!

    By the end of the first day I had no less than 83 followers, at the 120th hour, we had done it! 104 followers! An astounding effort I must say. You beauty.

    Stay tuned for my next experiment, this time, befriending celebrity. Can I kick it?

    Jill Ruthenberg is Communications Specialist for Wisdom London, and knows it’s not all about the numbers, but does love a challenge.

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    A Series of Experiments in Social Media

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    We all know that social media is powerful. But just how powerful is it?

    Over the coming months here at Wisdom London, I’ll be grabbing my notebook and donning my khakis – not forgetting my pith helmet – to conduct a few of my own Experiments in Social Media, all in the name of science.

    My mission: To test the limits of the exciting world of social media.

    I’ll be reporting my discoveries and any pearls of wisdom to you here, so keep your eyes peeled for Experiments in Social Media #1: How to Win Friends… the challenge to gain 100 followers in 120 hours.

    I’m gettin’ my Steve Irwin on.

    I hope you’re ready.


    Jill Ruthenberg is Communications Specialist for Wisdom London, a true blue Aussie and a wannabe crocodile hunter…

    … This is probably as close as she’ll get.

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    Gah! We’ve #hijackedthehashtags!

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    Ah, hashtags.  They used to be these handy little things for adding context and metadata to our tweets.  How diligently we hashtagged keywords, events, names, products, brands.  And how useful it was, with our Twitter streams beautifully ordered. We knew what was important.  There was even such a thing as hashtag etiquette (“use sparingly, use the right term, or people might UNFOLLOW YOU”). How quaint!

    But it’s all gone a bit wrong.  We have hijacked the hashtag.

    Not everyone, just frivolous types like me and @LisaBarone.  We’ve discovered what fun we can have with it.  The hashtag has become an oft-employed comedy tactic, underscoring otherwise banal tweets with what we’re really thinking.  It’s like the thought bubble in our Twitter cartoon strip, played off against the straight-man speech bubble of the tweet.

    And now it’s chaos out there.  Hashtags in this instance have become nothing to do with a trending topic, and everything to do with entertaining people, encouraging banter and having a bit more fun.

    What I think is interesting is that the two seemingly opposite uses of hashtags (one orders, the other is more about disorder) exist alongside each other pretty well. And it’s all about context.  When I mention / engage with people, I perhaps wouldn’t #hijackthehashtag if I don’t know them or if the context isn’t right.  Maybe I don’t want to make them laugh.  And of course, you can have too much of a good thing.

    But for certain instances when only humour – or at least a little less seriousness – will do, and when I’m most engaged with my Twitter crowd, #highjackingthehashtag rocks.

    Stand back and you’ll see that the beauty of it all is that we are constantly finding new ways to engage in 140 characters, ingeniously using what exists and bending it to fit our needs, spotting the joke, joining in, engaging more.

    So I can’t bring myself to get too serious or responsible about it.  It’s not for everyone – that’s probably the point. It is tweviance, let’s face it. And while it might not be compatible with that mysterious unwritten Twitter code of conduct, it’s coming into the mainstream and I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

    In fact, it’s exciting.  The relationships I have been fortunate enough to build in 140 characters are precious, life-affirming, often joyful things.  See how much we can achieve in 140 characters with a little ingenuity? I’m in no doubt, #thehashtagshelped.

    Kate Spiers is Founder of Wisdom London.

    And she is relatively remorseless about #hijackingthehashtag.  See more hashtag tweviance here!