A Series of Experiments in Social Media

We all know that social media is powerful. But just how powerful is it?

Over the coming months here at Wisdom London, I’ll be grabbing my notebook and donning my khakis – not forgetting my pith helmet – to conduct a few of my own Experiments in Social Media, all in the name of science.

My mission: To test the limits of the exciting world of social media.

I’ll be reporting my discoveries and any pearls of wisdom to you here, so keep your eyes peeled for Experiments in Social Media #1: How to Win Friends… the challenge to gain 100 followers in 120 hours.

I’m gettin’ my Steve Irwin on.

I hope you’re ready.


Jill Ruthenberg is Communications Specialist for Wisdom London, a true blue Aussie and a wannabe crocodile hunter…

… This is probably as close as she’ll get.

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