Experiments in Social Media Number 1: How to Win Friends

Let me set the scene for you. It’s day 1. I’m the new kid on the block. I’ve just started at Wisdom London as Communications Specialist; brand strategist; social media expert – and my shiny new Twitter profile is as uninspiring as those Rich Tea Digestives you guys love so much… Not a good look.

I needed to make friends. Fast.

And so Experiments in Social Media, number one was born: How to Win Friends.

The Challenge: 100 followers in 120 hours.

The Method:

In the name of science I relied purely on the use of social media, namely Twitter, where word of mouth and engagement are king.

The Process (in order of effectiveness):

  1. Put it out there: Strewth! Things got hectic from the get-go with the help of @wisdomlondon and @Chris_Hall1, who staged a mini campaign amongst their friends to encourage them to follow the new kid. Oh, the power of word of mouth.
  2. Participate, connect: In the evening I was invited along to social media web chat Comms Chat, a weekly Twitter chat looks at all aspects relating to communications. My first experience was loads of fun and insightful. It’s hub of like-minded tweeps and social media experts. Needless to say, details were exchanged, friendships were made, followings happened.
  3. Engage: Throughout the day I found my friends, and then asked them who I should be following. I also had a look at some of my favourite brands, gurus, celebs and some other fun stuff, and who they were following. Of course, I introduced myself and said hi, but I also:
  • Initiated conversation, asked questions, shared interesting links, and chatted with my new friends
  • Shared a few Follow Fridays: where you prepare a list of suggested Twitterers to follow.
  • Started a rumour about a small prize to my 100th follower (and delivered!)
  • The result: Success!

    By the end of the first day I had no less than 83 followers, at the 120th hour, we had done it! 104 followers! An astounding effort I must say. You beauty.

    Stay tuned for my next experiment, this time, befriending celebrity. Can I kick it?

    Jill Ruthenberg is Communications Specialist for Wisdom London, and knows it’s not all about the numbers, but does love a challenge.

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