For All Your Nutritional (Informational) Needs:

By Jill Ruthenberg

Where is all the knowledge we lost with information?

Sometimes the content available online on social media, marketing and communications can be a little bit like ice cream – while at times it has little to no nutritional value, we can’t help but eat far too much. It’s all around us and it’s hard to figure out the good-for-you from the fast food. You can quickly be left feeling ill in the junk food aisle, longing for something with substance.

I’ve decided to streamline my thinking in terms of blog consumption, to try and ensure I’m really getting the good stuff. So let me share with you a blog diet to feel your mind and soul, while cutting out the empty calories.

These first three form the basis of any social media diet: thefuturebuzz, convince & convert and brian solis, make these your staple to ensure your blog receives sufficient sustenance. Here’s why

1. Blog:
Author: Adam Singer
Twitter: @adamsinger
Followers: 6126

This one will really add fiber to your diet with posts like Failure is Always an Option, What Marketing and Meteorology Have in Common, ‘Niche Is Overrated, Personality Underrated’ and (my personal favourite) ‘Gen Y Observed by Someone Actually Part of the Generation’. Adam’s advice is solid, thought provoking and a breath of fresh air.

2. Blog:
Author: Jay Baer
Twitter: @jaybaer
Followers: 23,784

Email advocate and self proclaimed ‘hype-free’ social media strategist Jay Baer’s blog is like the encyclopaedia of social media. His site hosts a collection of guest blogs from leaders in areas ranging from marketing, to research, to PR, to CRM so you can be sure you’re getting wholesome fuel for all areas of your communication diet.

3. Blog:
Author: Brian Solis
Twitter: @briansolis
Followers: 65,125

Solis, the author of the book I’m reading right now – Engage, is a thought leader like no other. Through his blog slash vlog, he challenges merits of social media and offers pioneering ideas that may be invaluable to your online influence. It’s definitely one to excite your taste buds and give your brand some vigour. As a starter, I recommend: Influencing the Influencer and, Social Media’s Critical Path: Relevance to Resonance to Significance

These next two, thebrandbuilder and Six Pixels of Separation are essential to anyone serious about having a healthy intake of fresh ideas and new perspectives on social media and communications; munch through them – but not necessarily every day.

4. Blog: Six Pixels of Separation:
Author: Mitch Joel
Twitter: @ mitchjoel
Followers: 20,247

Joel’s posts on digital marketing and new media are somewhat abstract, and always provoking. And there’s always a call to action. Some recent posts: In Praise Of Lazy and The Era Of Trepidation. A post (this good) a day will keep the doctor away.

5. Blog:
Author: Olivier Blanchard
Twitter: @thebrandbuilder
Followers: 25,780

There’s nothing like a good dose of passion, innovation, creativity and common sense to boost your outlook on life in general. And this is exactly what The Brand Builder delivers. The posts might be a little long but Olivier has a unique way of structuring them into clear, well, building blocks and every so often he pops in a rule or two, I just read: Know your Sh*t. He incorporates insights from all industries and life to add value to your communication.

Lastly, methodical madness is a blog done by a boutique ad agency based in Sweden and they’ve worked with the likes of Ikea and Absolut Vodka:

6. Blog: methodical madness:
Author: Jason Ross
Twitter: @ TheDuffyAgency (and more…)
Followers: 5168

These Swedes have a way of discussing significant shifts in the world of social media as they happen. Focussing mainly on Facebook, Twitter and Google methodical madness expands your thinking and provides direction for your communication strategy. Something to get you started: How four businesses used Twitter for serious sales success.

It’s good to mix it up, try something new, and occasionally re-assess what we’re consuming.

Do you keep up to date with any other branding and social media blogs to make sure your brand is getting enough nutrition? Please let us know!

Jill Ruthenberg is Communications Specialist at Wisdom London and also recommends you read this blog to keep you going strong!

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